Goldfish Necklace


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Color : rose gold.
  • Size : 43cm + 7cm extension.

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one rose gold gold fish necklace
Goldfish Necklace


Since the dawn of time, goldfish have been celebrated there. Not that of our childhood which turns in circles in its jar but the “koi carp”, large and majestic, queen of the pools and rivers of public gardens. Its resemblance to a small dragon, a mythical figure of the country, just like its red dress, a symbol of the joy of life and the creative force, is worth to him to be crowned. A cult that owes nothing to chance.

Popular culture gives the animal eight virtues, all inspired by Chinese wisdom: not to fix on any port, to aim at none but, to live in the present moment, to ignore the straight line, to move with ease in uncertainty, live in a network, stay calm and serene, go back to the source.


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