Nazar Ear-cuff


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Color : gold.
  • Price for 1 side – sold individually.

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one gold evil eye ear-cuff
Nazar Ear-cuff


Nazar boncuk (in Turkish: Nazar boncuğu); Nazar for “evil eye” and boncuğu for “amulet” in Turkish (Nazar in Arabic: نظر means “look”), (in Greek: Matiasma) is an amulet traditionally made of glass which aims to protect against the “evil eye”.

This symbol can be hung above entrance doors, on the walls of houses, on baby clothes, hung on the rearview mirrors of vehicles: taxis, buses, and trucks, on horses or as a key chain. If an “eye” breaks, it is because it has played its role, it has “repelled evil”; it must then be replaced by a new one.


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