Freyja Necklace


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Size : 40cm + 5cm extension.

one rose gold and one gold sun necklaces with hanging chains
Freyja Necklace

Freyja is the most well-known and most diverse Nordic goddess and cult: she is the goddess of love, fertility, war, and sexuality. His worship was widespread and popular.

Coming from the Vanir family, she is the daughter of Njord, the god of the sea, and Freyr’s twin sister. Known to be of great beauty, modern illustrations depict her as a typical Scandinavian woman: blue or green eyes and red or blonde hair. We also insist on its voluptuous curves, to symbolize that it is associated with free love and the pleasures of the flesh.

Freyja represents freedom, uncompromising sexuality, the pleasure of love without commitment. Freyja is also associated with death and war. During a battle, she comes to fetch half of the dead heroes while the rest goes to Odin.


Rose Gold, Gold


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