Eurydice Necklace


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Size : 90cm.

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Eurydice Necklace

Eurydice, in Greek mythology, very beautiful nymph, wife of the poet, and musician Orpheus. Shortly after her marriage, Eurydice was bitten on the foot by a snake and died. Distraught with sorrow, Orpheus went down to Hell to find his wife.
Singing and accompanying himself to the lyre, he begged Hades, the god of the Dead, to release Eurydice. His music moved Hades so much that he allowed Orpheus to bring his wife with him on the condition that he did not turn around until they returned to the open air.
They had almost finished their ascent when Orpheus, distraught with love and full of anxiety, turned to see if Eurydice was following him. The charm broken, Eurydice vanishes forever in the kingdom of the dead.


Gold, Rose Gold


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