Cupidon Earrings


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Price for a pair.

one silver triangler earring with purple pink and white stones
Cupidon Earrings

In Roman mythology, Cupid (in Latin: Cupido which means “desire, love”; in contemporary English: Cupid; in contemporary German: Cupido), son of Venus and Mars, is the god of love. Cupid is assimilated to the god Eros who seems to be his Greek representation. But in the Roman tradition, he does not belong to a primordial deity, unlike Eros.

Cupid is often depicted in the form of an angel. Its attributes are a bow, a quiver, a flower, and wings. With a flower, or more often, a bow, he sends arrows supposed to represent the points of desire in the hearts of gods and men. According to mythology, anyone who is hit by Cupid’s arrows falls in love with the first person she sees at that time.


Silver – Multicolor Stones, Rose Gold – Blue/Pink Stones, Silver – Pink/Purple/Black Stones


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