Alvilda Earrings


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Price for a pair.

one rose gold triangular earring with white stones
Alvilda Earrings


The first name Alvilda is the name of a character from Scandinavian mythology. Under this first name, we know Princess Alvilda, daughter of a king of Scandinavia in the 5th century.
To escape the arranged marriage with the Danish prince Alf, she became a pirate and ordered a ship made up of women only. She dressed as a man and led a life as a sailor.
The legend of this told young woman was written in the “Gesta Danorum”, a 13th-century document, the author of which is the monk Saxo Grammaticus who latinized the name of Princess Alwilda in Alvilda.


Argent – Pierre Blanche, Rose Gold – Pierre Blanche, Rose Gold – Pierre Noire


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