Apophis Necklace


  • Material : 925 silver.
  • Size : 40cm + 5cm extension.

one gold and one rose gold snake necklaces
Apophis Necklace

Apophis (Apopis), serpent-god (Aâpep), symbolizes the original power, always repelled but never wiped out. This huge snake is the symbol of non-being, non-existence. Cosmic enemy symbolizing evil and all destructive forces, every morning and every evening, he attacks the solar boat with the sole aim of making it fail to interrupt the process of creation.

Symbolizing the eternal threat of chaos on the organized world. Apophis is the Divine Enemy par excellence: One hundred cubits long, its disproportionately long and sinuous body sought to enclose the Sun to annihilate it. But the divine star successfully defended itself and the vanquished monster, red with bloodshed during the fight, tinted purple dawn and dusk.

This image reflects the fragility of the Universal Order that must be maintained daily but also demonstrates that the existence of Apophis was necessary for the balance of the universe. It also shows that the destructive forces cannot be suppressed but only contained and that they constitute a perpetual threat to the organized world.


Rose Gold, Gold


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